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Jaago Student Jaago, Must Read for MBA/PG Aspirants

“JAAGO STUDENT JAAGO” Issued in Students/Public Interest

Disclaimer & Important information: This article is just for helping student in institute selection. We do not have any intention to hurt any one’s emotions or ego or image. This article is also not indicating towards any specific institute, coaching class or consultant.

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Yes, this article is focused on 2/3 BHK Institutes, Road side/Seasonal/Part time Consultants, Coaching Classes who are involved in spoiling student’s future for their own money making.

This article is carried out after discussing with various students (most of the students are from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Bihar, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand & West Bengal) who lost one or 2 years and money for application forms  or at coaching classes, but still facing the same problem (which institute to select for admission)

If you or your near & dear once are planning for MBA or 2 year full time management programme, read this article carefully and pass it to your friends/relatives, Save your valuable time & money, also for your dear once.


We are not here to make you smile,

we are here to assure that you don’t cry in next 2 years and ever after.

If you are planning to pursue MBA/PGDM or any 2 year full time management programme, you must be getting Prospectus, Calls, SMS, unwanted Email & attractive offers/invitation to join their institutes, saying only good things about them, if everything is so good about them why do they need to call you again and again for admission process or for buying their application form.

Don’t get confuse with full page advertisements in various news papers & magazines, Rankings, Hoardings, Attractive SMS, Calls, Emails, Free laptop, Free foreign tour & more, before applying for any institute “Just Think”

Is it worth applying for this institute?

Is it suitable for you are your future?

IIM’s, NIRMA, MICA, NMIMS, SP Jain, JL BAJAJ, XLRI, TAPMI, IMT, FORE, IMI, ITM, NL Dalmia, K.J Somaiya, SDM IMD, GIM, FMS and many other Top Institutes…

Why don’t they give full page advertisement, about their domestic/foreign placements, Rankings, Industrial exposure, invitations for buying their application forms.

If you are so good somehow people will surely come to know that you are good, you do not need to shout in media, yes I am, I am and I am.

Don’t get confuse…! It’s you who need to decide which institute is good or bad or suitable. Before applying for any institute, collect all required information then only spend money on admission process (selling application form is one of the business of Institutes & Coaching classes), required information is institute’s name, promoters, approval/affiliations, course name, course contents, industrial relations, batch intake, summer/final placement records, placement profiles, average placements, other campuses of the group, available specialization, infrastructure, facilities, faculties (quality & quantity), industrial exposure and more…

If institute is suitable as per your preferred location, budget/paying capacity, Academics, preferred specialization then only apply, one of the most important thing is to see weather it is approved by AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education, New Delhi)/UGC (University Grant Commission) or not. If you have choice first preference must be given for AICTE/UGC Approved Institute (helps in placements, Education loan, approval & widely acceptable)

Do not go for such institutes which are just study centers of XYZ University or running their courses in 2/3 BHK Flat or in an office/shop in malls or offering part time, distance learning, correspondence courses (these courses are for working professionals not for fresh candidates)

Before following any one’s advise analyze yourself (your academics, preferences, strength & your level) and the person or coaching institute or consultant that you are planning to follow: who is he/she, what is the background, what kind of knowledge/expertise that have, what is their core business.

If any coaching institute asks you to drop a year, think about it, what kind of options is available now and what will happen if you would drop this year. Especially when you cannot change your academics (like 10th & 12th %age), your budget, location preference what maximum you can change is your entrance exam score. If you “just missed top 25 institutes” (received a call but could not convert or thrown out of GD-PI, or missed a GD-PI call just by 5% to 7%) then only you should think for investing one more year otherwise don’t waste a year. If you scored just 45% or 50% or max 70% in entrance exam, stop dreaming about top 25 Institutes and accept reality and look for next top 50 institutes which are suitable as per your preferences. Difference between top 25 brands & next 25 brands is just 15% to 20% but it comes at a cost of one year (even that’s not sure), ask yourself are you ready for that?

Motivating to drop a year is a way of revenue generation for coaching classes (coaching fees+ GD-PI preparation fees+ application form selling and showing crowd to sponsors for seminars)

Do not follow any such consultant who always asks about management quota, that’s not the only way to get in Good Institutes, try through normal process and if trying through management quota then see your return on investment (Total amount you need to pay an average placement), for placements cross check with institute or students studying in institutes.

It is also important to check the background of consultant, what he is into, his/her core business, expertise, kind of institute they offers, his/her own education and qualification, his/her credit (make sure that you do not loose your money & opportunity/year)

“Find bad things about institutes instead of finding good one”, Trust me it’s good for your health and wealth

“Dikhave Pe Mat Jaao, Apni Akal lagaao”

Some institute says: we do not need AICTE’s Approval as we offers XXXXXXX Course and facilities, to keep this most flexible we have not gone for AICTE Approval. Actually such institutes are not eligible for AICTE Approval due to their infrastructure & Faculties most of such campuses are running in Malls, flats, or on a floor of commercial complex and their faculties are not experienced or at par with AICTE’s requirements.

Most of the rankings (paper media & digital media) are governed by sponsors/promoters of institutes: rankings must not be the only parameter to judge institute. AICTE, UGC or any other government body do not gives any such ranking.

For getting latest and proper information about approvals, visit official sites or AICTE, UGC or related authority’s official web site and you can also forward this article to your friends and dear once who are planning to pursue management career.


Best Of Luck, Happy Hunting for Institute and Enjoy a Great Career Ahead

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