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Advance Nursing in Europe

Advance Nursing Courses is primarily designed to adapt a foreign educated nurse to practice in European nursing system and culture. The major portion of the program would be dedicated in learning Intensive Local Medical terminology and Language. Course module also consists of legal framework of Local health care system and Practical training in Partner Hospitals, which would be an integral part of the program.

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Course Content | This program is designed to prepare foreign BSc. nurses for approbation exam that consists of 4 components. In addition to that, the program will introduce to its students local medical environment which will allow the future nurses to gain a perfect understanding of the working habits and standards practiced in the European countries.

  • 1st component – professional knowledge: Students will be prepared for an exam that will test their professional knowledge. The exam can be executed in Local, English, French, German or Russian language. As BSc. Nurses, the students should already have the required knowledge to pass the exam. However, they will review their professional knowledge as a part of the program as well as medical terminology review
  • 2nd component – healthcare system and legal framework: Students will be prepared for an exam that will test their knowledge of healthcare system and basic legal framework related to providing healthcare in the particular country. The exam can be executed in local language, English, French, German or Russian language. Students will focus on subjects such as Local healthcare legal framework and Healthcare system
  • 3rd component – internship: Students will join a 40-day internship in a hospital with a professional supervision. Students will have review of subjects such as Somatology, Nursing and Psychology prior starting the internship.
  • 4th component – verbal exam: Students will use all their previous training for this final verbal exam. In addition to professional knowledge, the students will be required to show their communication skills in local language. Throughout the whole Advance Nursing Course, the students will have Intensive Local language lessons including Local Language grammar, writing and reading.

Accommodation facilities are available nearby campus and many other options are available on city. Generally each unit offers two double rooms, hallway, toilet and bathroom. Plus, each floor offers a kitchen area, study room and a common area with TV and other entertainment. In addition to that, the accommodation facility also offers study rooms with medical equipment, music room, computer room, bookstore, biology lab, two gyms, table tennis and a playroom with darts, football, etc. Part of the accommodation facility is a canteen that serves three meals a day. The food is delivered from a high capacity kitchen located in a nearby hospital to assure the highest standards for the students. Of course the whole facility also offers high-speed wireless internet. Above mentioned details belongs to one of the university offering such courses however available facilities are variable from university to university and students gets lot of options, which can be opted based on their priorities.

Eligibility Requirements: Bachelor Degree in Nursing, Police Clearance Certificate and Medical Fitness Certificate.

Approx Duration: 6 Months to 1 Year (depends on university and country)

Tuition Fees: Starting from 5000 to 7000 Euro to (depends on university and country)

Living cost: 200 to 400 Euros per month (depends on country and location)

Job Opportunities: There are huge demand of nursing and other medical professionals, nursing profile is one of few profile where, European countries wants foreign students to study, work and settle. Foreign students gets part time jobs, paid internships and also gets jobs very easily even their institute/universities also helps them to place in local hospitals. During part time jobs/paid internships students can earn approx 400 to 700 Euros and during full time jobs students gets approx 800 to 1500 Euros. Generally we don’t advise part-time jobs in first 3-4 months, we also do not guarantee jobs or specific salaries during internships and final jobs as it purely depends on candidates, their technical and negotiation skills. All of these options are available in Schengen States like Poland, Latvia, Germany, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria and other countries.

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