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FREE Education in Europe

Concept: There are few countries which offers FREE Education or Study with No Tuition Fees for foreign students. This opportunity becomes huge as these countries are part of Schengen States and once you get admission, you get Schengen Visa, which is very helpful to explore job and business opportunities in entire Europe. Such universities or institutes are available in Italy, Sweden, Austria and other European countries. Students can also apply for scholarships of living cost. We also help them to apply for such options, click here to apply now. Tuition Fees and Living Cost scholarships are possible up to 100% also. These scholarships students are also allowed to work part time during their studies. It gives them further exposure, experience and money as well. More details are mentioned below

List of Courses Available for FREE Education

  • Bachelors (3 Years) & Master’s Program (2 Years): Finance, Management & Marketing, Accounting, Finance & Banking, Accounting and management, Economics, Low, Geo environmental Resources & Risks, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and advanced chemical methodologies, Hotel Management, Catering, Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Electronics, Mechanical, Architecture.
  • Engineering Program (3/4 Years): Automotive Engineering, Communications And Computer Networks Engineering, Communication Engineering Management Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Chemistry Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering, Building and Architectural Engineering ,Civil Engineering For Risk Mitigation ,Architectural Design And History, Design & Engineering, Design For The Fashion System, Interior Design, Product Service System Design, Management of Built Environment, Aeronautical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Space Engineering.

Admission Process: There are 2 intakes (March and Sept), but most of the FREE Education options are available for Sept intake. students need to apply at least 3-4 months in advance. It’s a long process of application, translation, apostle, interviews from university, embassy interview, visa documents and other steps. We assist students for every steps including assistance for interviews.

Important Details: students and parents must understand that there is a process for availing these benefits or opportunities, but applying for such options does not guarantee selection. We have seen most of the students gets these scholarships/opportunities but few of them could not get due to their profile, interviews or visa rejections.

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