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How to Select/Reject College/University?

I want best college, I want best university, such statements are most popular statements. What we feel is there is nothing, known as Best, It is more important that college/university must be suitable for you, based on your profile and preferences. for an example IIM’s are best known, but you don’t have sufficient funds or if you don’t clear cutoff and admission process for IIM’s? Best is not suitable for you or you are not suitable for IIM’s. You must understand your academic capabilities and financial status and value of year.

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How to Select/Reject Institute or University: The academic age has two major turning points of your life. One is when you are in the senior secondary level and second is after the college or graduation. As all of you have chosen your first turning point, the second turning point is of the interest in this article. When you are in the final year of your graduate college, you start searching for a good institute for the postgraduate degree. Some even start this practice albeit earlier. The most sought postgraduate professional course is MBA (Master of Business Administration). There are number of institutions offering the MBA course degree. They used to give alluring advertisements to attract the MBA aspirants. But believe in “Dikavon pe mat Jao, Apna Dimag Lagao”. So, this article may help you to add something in your Dimag’s concept.

What we should look for while selecting an institute for MBA/PGDM/Other PG is solved in this article. Firstly check for its recognition and affiliation. The Institute should be recognized and approved by AICTE or some other governing body. Secondly, look for the affiliating university of the Institute. It should be UGC recognized or established under the state govt. legislation. When these credentials of an Institute are verified, third check is for length of service i.e. when the institute was established, its achievements and quality of managers produced in the past sessions. Now, you should focus on practical exposure to industrial trends and techniques provided during your course. The institute should be capable to expose you to the industry in such a manner that you should be directly absorbed or hired by the industry. The next checkpoint should be of placement assistance or guaranty. Then go for teaching methodology adopted by the institute. It should be interactive and content should be mixed with the illustrations and case studies. The last step is to look into the fee structure and facilities provided to the students.

All the suggested tips must be followed by your verification from the students studying in the institute you are opting for. Preserve printed brochure/material claiming the services provided for future reference with you.

Wishing this information may benefit you for selecting an MBA institute.

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